We integrate their data sources with pre-defined and simple interfaces. The cost of their IT and service providers is low. The connection is made within a few days. Be integrated, for example, ERP? E-mail senders, web-shop, a customer loyalty program, service centers and ad servers. Our data warehouse does the data cleansing and builds a customer-centric view (single customer view).


The behavior of their customers and prospects will be automatically analyzed and segmented. Relevant sections are formed and are based on historical data is available immediately. Key data about customers, prospects, products, processes and campaigns can be used immediately for controlling communications and optimization of business processes.


The key CRM metrics and the development of customer segments and campaign results they get updated daily. Static reports facilitate an overview. Analysis Cubes allow them finding contexts. Histories and time-series comparisons of key KPI’s allow them to assess.

Calculated CRM metrics, segments and campaign results are presented here in a graphical user interface in the browser and can be evaluated by you without any special knowledge database and interpreted. A return of the results into your own systems (eg DWH) is possible at any time.


Integrate: We’ve come full circle. The calculated profiles of CVS profiles and segments can be selected and used in different, centrally planned in CVS Target multichannel campaigns.


Multichannel: The connection of the e-shop, e-mail service provider and letter- shop, online marketing ( retargeting, affiliate ) and customer loyalty program,allow a real multi-channel approach to customers, and prospects. For a receiver at any time the same offer – in all channels.


Life -Cycle: Automated campaigns are the backbone for your CRM. Templates for campaign mechanics along the life cycle allow for easy planning and implementation, including multi-stage campaigns.An automatic segmentation assigns each customer to the most important for him campaign. The contact management and prioritization for campaigns monitored the assignment to campaign level, the multiple approach and goal achievement. Your marketing department controls at constant expense more campaigns with smaller, pinpoint target groups and significantly higher campaign success.The relevant offer at the right time for the customer – in the right Frequnez on all channels (push and pull).


Ad-hoc: Short-term, tactical campaigns, such as a regionally limited indication of a branch opening or sale of remaining stock holdings to suitable customer groups and their immediate implementation are possible at any time. A comparison of speech and unwanted duplicate recipients with life-cycle campaigns can be prevented by the prioritization.



We integrate gradually. Through our years of experience and our proven process model for you without any risk – at a fixed price.

Step 1

In the first step, we coordinate the actions with your IT department ( service providers) and get your historical data – the result you get from your IT an accurate estimate of their expenses. From us you will get a First Shot analysis based on your customers’ purchases, stores, products, and market places. The results we present in the workshop in detail before, including potential for campaigns about possible initial and subsequent purchaser, Reaktivierer and reduction of multi – Retournierer.

Step 2

If the procedure and the result is an added value for you, flogt in the second step of the start of regular operation. We receive from you every day your data give you the results in CVS Insight ready.

Step 3

In the third step, we bind to your channel service providers such as the web-shop, e-mail, ad servers, letter shop, customer loyalty program and call center and begin gradually with the modulation of the campaign with CVS target.


During the entire duration of our experienced team of consultants is available for optimization and for individual analyzes available for you – In the background CVS continues to evolve and new campaigns tuners and reports provided for you.


SaaS system

CVS is client-capable and multi-lingual, we operate it for you as a Software as a Service (SaaS). IT has no cost and availability is guaranteed. It is operated in German data centers with TUV certification.


The integration of your enterprise resource planning, e-shop, e-mail service providers, ad servers, customer loyalty program, call centers or letter shop via templates for interfaces. We agree this with your IT to your situation and get the data they need with as little effort as possible on your side.

Optimized for Retail

Get an Overview – We integrate your different brands, e-shops, the branch network and different warehouse and logistics service provider, National and International.


Campaigns and multi-channel tuners are available for you in CVS target as templates ready and can gradually ( and channel level) will be implemented.

Privacy Policy

Value IQ ( certified ) data processors. Your data remains your data and are always available for you. Regular external audits ensure the highest security standards for your data and their attitude.



The integration of your systems to CVS, we assume a fixed price.

Numerous interfaces templates Extensive experience and enable your IT service providers a fast, uncomplicated and clearly calculable cost estimate on their side.

With little information we can provide you with a fixed price quote for the setup and operation – contact us, it is more affordable than you think!